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Monday, 16 July 2012



God Charak say’s ,”If you want to live healthy and till long age, you can” It’s in your own hand, you need to just follow the basic and simple rules of Ayurveda. Just think in ancient time, How people managed to live healthy and for more than 100 years.

You can also live more than 100 years with healthy body and mind, just by obeying Ayurveda rules. To learn this Ayurveda knowledge, you don’t need any pre-requisite degree or any graduation; you just need to have trust, faith and firm determination in the Ayurveda knowledge.

To get successful in life Ayurveda say’s the best tool is healthy body and every problem or sadness that arises in your life is due to that disorder or disease in your body. Ayurveda say’s if there is disease, there is also a perfect cure for it in Ayurveda. If a person learns How to live healthy and cures of the disease, then success will come to his door, knocking. A person has to learn what’s good or bad in terms of food and lifestyle and starts making better choices for which best suits him, he can overcome any problem in his life.
God Charak say’s “Treat your stomach and digestive system as god, because it your digestive system get disordered you will become weak and sick, that will arise problems and difficulties’ in your life due to that you will be sad and always be tense , that will derail you from your work or goal of life, following to it you will be unsuccessful in your life, every time you face defeat in your life, arise frustration in your life and will be in deep ocean of depression and may think to end up your life. Live life better with knowledge of Ayurveda.

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