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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Health and wellness - Vedic style

 The Vedic knowledge of health and wellness was introduced by Aryans, after coming from central africa to India through Khyber Pass (Afghanistan), around 1500 B.C. They settled across the state of Punjab (India) and after it the Vedic era began. During Vedic era four major vedas (the oldest scriptures old Hinduism) were composed with it many other scriptures were composed which includes Ayurveda and in it Charka Samhita and Susruta Samhita.

     Ayurveda is not only a traditional medicine system or a alternative medicine system, but its a perfect, analyzed and well guided way for a Human being to live a healthy and prospers life. It is a system to included in to your day to day life activities and Scripture Charka Samhita has true presentation of art of living.

     Today, a modern man has lost in his modern life and world, he has forgotten the knowledge of "What to eat ?","When to eat" and "How to eat ?". He is neglecting his health and trying to hide the symptoms of disease rather than diagnosing or curing it, Example "For acidity in stomach, he takes acid neutralizing agents but does it really cures or ward off the disease? Here comes where the allopath system and the Ayurveda system differs, Allopath system sees a organ individually but in Ayurveda system it sees body as whole compartment, what changes occurred in other compartments of body so that result there is increase in acid secretion in stomach.

     Today, Modern man has open huge charity hospitals and does huge charity of medicines, but I ask you does it really help? Or more important is that “To teach a man how to live a better and a healthy life “this would be rally a great boon if all of us understands it, this would be the real charity and thats what God Charka has given through his knowledge.

     Ayurveda is not a business, like today’s huge profit making business like Hospitals and Pharmaceutical business. But Ayurveda is like a mother, who takes care of all his children. God Charka stress on basic rules or start from zero level to teach us how to live a healthy life. Ayurveda knowledge is free for everyone from poorest man to the richest man of society it has no distinction between its followers. It’s not a degree you can only achieve by going to college or to has it you should have any criteria, its free knowledge for everyone.

     God Charka say's "To enter heaven, you need pure soul, for it you need pure body and pure mind and to have it you should take pure food".

Everyone has heard the story of Elixir of life(Amrut) which gives immortality, this may be true but the Ayurveda and its herbal medicines are truly potent to give life a longevity.

God Charaka

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  1. Aryans did not come from outside. They are the original inhabitants of India. Moreover, Aryans is not a race. We are called Aryans as being highly cultured, we used to address our people as 'Arya'. Since Mahabharata War was fought in 3139 B.C. Vedic culture goes to thousands of years back. It is wrong to give it the date around 1500 B.C.